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I’ll shortly be issuing a fantasy-werewolf-vampire novella, a prequel to As the Chair Turns, an alternative view of the denizens of Boca Raton, created by Eliza March. The story takes place in


a very unusual building housing a round-the-clock beauty spa, whose staff are largely shape-shifting creatures of the night…except for the hairdresser-narrator, who is totally human. Which doesn’t stop the alpha werewolf from lusting after her. You can read Eliza’s first installments on Radish.

Eliza’s covers are always great. Mine too often are meh. In the story, the werewolf-vampire pairing of Pavel and Hermione is forbidden by their races. Pavel, sentenced to five hundred hours of community service for an unrelated incident involving a judge and a grocery cart, decides to do the service his unique, artistic way. His gigantic project literally takes on a life of its own. Despite their deeply-felt love, Pavel’s obsessed with his building and Hermione becomes miffed enough to seek pleasure elsewhere. But there is a price to pay for illicit love, and that moment may appear far sooner than they expect. (Sexual encounters are specific, so if you like sweet, this isn’t for you.)

So here, above, is my proposed cover background. It’s a Hubbel Space Telescope’s shot of deep space. Love the colors!

Would you make this into a cover?