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Welcome to my worlds…all of them!

Delighted you dropped by. If you’re familiar with my fiction novels or novellas, check the navigation bar at the top of the page for the series titles or main characters. If you’re new to my usually-edgy people and the fixes I put them in, please read on for some hints.

Like sweet romance with a maximum of plot and a minimum of nitty-gritty? Follow battered women’s shelter manager MaryLynn Portman as she struggles to keep her clients safe while trying to not fall in love with Santa Claus. Her not-so-jolly old Saint Nick, sweating behind his prosthetic belly, just wants the whole season to go away. The Man Who Hated Christmas will both charm and thrill you. Get to know the pint-sized pickpocket,  Fingers Nugent. Learn how a poor-little-rich-girl manages to cope with rejection. Mary Lynn (and Santa) do get a curtain call soon.

Or check out Marshmallow Queen Fran Marshall, whose too-close encounters with canines have made her seriously dog-phobic…until she meets handsome, troubled pet-shelter manager Django Harte. Neither is prepared for the peril their unexpected attraction brings. Their first romantic suspense is Harte’s Desire, available at the moment through Amazon but soon through other e-retailers. A sequel is in the works.

Introducing your next hero…Carl Tanner

Prefer your heroes a bit tougher? How about a calm, competent and quiet almost-forty dude that takes (and gives) a lickin and keeps on tickin? Look at retired Navy helicopter pilot turned private security agent Carl Tanner. It Could be Fun, Tanner’s first novella, is suspense with just enough very hot romance with a woman he’d be smart not to trust. But being really smart around women has never been one of his strengths. It Could be Fun will keep you in your chair until the last word. Part of a Kindle World (the Omega Team series), it’s available only on Amazon.

Kyle Branson, another mature ex-pilot (Army), brings edge-of-your-seat peril in a wild, no-holds-barred game of cat and mouse through the deadly Sonoran Desert in Mexico, where friend turns into foe at the blink of an eye. Assigned an “easy-peasy” task leading the private army of a local grandee with too many irons in the fire, Branson’s battle-honed talents will keep him alive…but barely. If you like graphic peril and ambiguity, this one’s for you. Find Kyle Branson’s first gripping suspense novella, Sonora Heat, at all e-retailers.

Coming soon: the Barons of Key West, a feisty clan of Conchs who live life way into the red zone. Learn how Bo Baron is fed to the sharks, how his kid brother Jake Baron won’t take no for an answer, and how an abused wife get her revenge…all in the first installment. Details when I figure them out!

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