FICTION, from gentle to not. Romance, from HEA to not-quite.

Step right in! From gently humorous love affairs to bloody, graphic dust-ups, there’s a Shayla McBride novel or novella for you. Check out the Pages where you’ll have access to all of them. Anecdotes, out-takes, short stories, emerging characters, musings on the process…and recipes.

Like to skip the graphic and read sweet-ish? Go for the Marshmallow Queen Series starring confectionierre Fran Marshall and dog-loving Django Harte. The first volume, a full-length novel, is HARTE’S DESIRE.

Prefer your fiction hard-hitting? Check out Kyle Branson, former U. S. Army helicopter pilot turned private security agent, whose first assignment, SONORA HEAT, takes him to a bizarre, near-death experience. Or meetCarl Tanner, an edgy Omega Team operative (available only in Kindle World). His steamy, first no-holds-barred novella is IT COULD BE FUN.

So many books! So many possibilities! How to keep track?

Every series has its own Page (see top of Home Page).

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A is for Author,  designed for the newbie or mid-level writer, offers 333-plus topics clarified in an easy-to-read style. Learn industry jargon, genre definitions, and reader expectations. Decipher story structure and plot flow. Understand character and world building. Come away knowing about word choice, scene building, conflict and tension.

Available in digital format at all e-retailers, or in paperback from Amazon.

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Lucky in a firefight, unlucky in love, Carl Tanner’s new to the edgy, macho world of the Omega Team. Sill recovering from a near-lethal mission with a former employer, Tanner thinks he has a lot to prove. His first Omega assignment should be a piece of cake: undercover at a ladies’ strip club. Nothing could be further from his expectations. Download your own copy of IT COULD BE FUN from Amazon’s Kindle Worlds.

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