Fan fiction Kindle Worlds


Are you familiar with Kindle Worlds? These fan fiction fun worlds, over one hundred of them ranging from sweet beach reads to edgy noir erotica, bring huge variety to a “world” such as Desiree Holt’s usually-steamy Omega Team or Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue,  S. E. Smith’s Magic, New Mexico or J. R. Raines’ Vampire for Hire. In the interest of full disclosure, I have a novella, It Could be Fun in the  Omega Team. 

The originating author “owns” the world but allows other authors to write what amounts to fan fiction. Acceptance ranges from automatic to carefully-vetted for style and quality. As you can see from browsing through the worlds, usual length is the novella, between thirty and forty thousand words…a short read of maybe three hours. Best part? Cost for most books is a measly $1.99, an entertainment bargain that will give you a great evening of enjoyment.

The reader gets a lot of variety for their two bucks. It’s like going to a party and talking to a lot of different people about a particular subject. Lots of takes, lots of different views and different voices. The reader also gets, in many cases, a lot of heat, as in graphic sex of an amazing variety. Traditional male-female, same-sex, LGBT, what-have-you, inter-species, shifters and weres and vampires, oh my. But there’s sweet and cozy as well.

Peril and risk, danger and deception, betrayal and loyalty, good and evil…it’s all there. Because novellas are about half the length of the “traditional” or full-length novel but are still complete tales, the action is denser, the story moves quicker. No matter where you find your worlds, you’ll find adventure, horror, romance, paranormal and fantasy, every genre you could want.

Fan fiction is fun. Whether you’re a reader or a writer, give it a try.