Introducing your next hero…

A grown-up hero for the thinking woman! Twenty years piloting Navy helicopters, then a walk into civilian life that hasn’t turned out as he’d envisioned. But Tanner’s nothing if not adaptable.

He’s a good guy in a firefight, a bad guy as an enemy, and a careful, thorough, fabulous guy as a lover. But don’t think of this pushing-forty warrior as a 007, love ’em and leave ’em isn’t his style. As with everything else, Tanner plays for keeps.

Twenty years in the U. S. Navy is enough for Carl Tanner. He’s been proud to wear the uniform, he’s loved being a helicopter pilot, and he’d take a bullet for his buddies. But for a man who’s been in the heart of every war the U. S. has been in since the day he got out of boot camp, it’s gotten old. He loves the military, but as an avid reader of history, he despises the endless and needless stupidity of the politics and the growing contempt for diplomacy. He’s come to think nobody plans ahead, nobody is honest, everybody’s covering up everything.

Time to get out. He’s saying goodbye to his first love. It was a fine idea until he hit the streets.

Once out in the civilian world,  he’s a couple of beats behind everything. Where did common courtesy go? How come even grade-schoolers have potty-mouths? Doesn’t anybody keep their word? And why is everyone so crazed about getting stuff?

Is he becoming an old fart? He’s not yet forty; that’s almost a year away. He’s still got his hair, his teeth, and his marbles. He’s not overweight, the babes still get that gleam when they spot him at a bar or the gym. In his spare time, he works out; he’s absolutely not losing his edge. In his spare time, he goes to a firing range. In his spare time, he goes to a beach bar not far from his Sunset Beach apartment. Trouble is, he’s retired and now he’s got too damn much spare time.

He needs a job. At the firing range, he meets a guy who works private security. Not your usual sway-backed, pot-bellied, pseudo-uniformed retiree who plods around malls. This guy is former military: ripped, disciplined, focused. Head up, shoulders back. Ready, and able, to take on the world. Tanner’s kind of retiree.

The guy gives him a business card. Where he’s a contractor. Security services with meaning, he says. Some military, some first responders. Dedicated to getting the bad guys, no matter what it takes. Unlike the military, however, Omega Team employees speak out, often plan their own ops. Chain of command is amazingly horizontal.

Tanner thinks it over. After a long phone conversation with one of Omega’s founders, an ex-police detective named Athena Maduro, he makes an appointment for an interview. A half-day where everybody sizes everybody up, probes for weaknesses, analyzes strengths. And Carl Tanner finds a new home as he becomes a member of the Omega Team.